Minutes – April 23, 2013

28 04 2013


DATE:  April 23, 2013                MTG START TIME: 7:00 pm

Tonight shows:
Presenters choice photo sharing and competition for year book cover. Members to do the judging after the presentation.
Next field trip is 10:00 am April 27, 2013 at Peggy’s Cove.
29 members were in attendance.

Nancy Ross / The Secret Life of Squirrels

Background:  Nancy has been into photography for 7 years. She started taking pictures of squirrels raiding her bird feeder and later used peanuts to attract them. Nancy expanded to staging sets with her own handmade props and enjoys watching how the squirrels react to them. She had to put a wider board on her deck rail so she could set the props up better. She displayed some of her props and explained how she set them up and attracts the squirrels. Some of the same squirrels keep coming back to see what will be next.

Although she took many of her pictures from her garden door, due to her love of wild life she always has a camera with her.  She wants to be ready whenever a subject come in sight. Nancy’s slide show was just wonderful with lots of squirrels, a black cat and two raccoons.

Always looking for ideas of what to do with her squirrel pictures she puts her pictures on Flickr.com because of the feed back she receives.  She also uses “Vista” to have squirrel calendars made.

This Friday night and all day Saturday the Bedford Photo Club have a show set up at the Sackville Library. Anyone interested could go and enjoy the show after the field trip.

Refreshments by Darlene Corkum and Trevor Awalt.
Meeting ended at 9:20.      Next meeting on May 14, 2013 will be the Annual General Meeting and all members are asked to be in attendance..




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