Minutes – April 9, 2013

22 04 2013



DATE:  April 9, 2013                                    MTG START TIME: 7:05 pm


Tonight shows: New Member’s 6 Digital prints. Photo sharing – Chester Field Trip.

Next field trip is April 27, 2013 at Peggy’s Cove.

29 members were in attendance with 1 guest. 2 guest speakers

President Derek Johnson was welcomed back from vacation.


Tuma Young/Nick Honing;  presentation  “Bird Photography Nick and Tuma”.

Background:  Nick arrived in Canada from Holland at the age of 20. His got his first camera in Halifax 1959 working with Russell Hefter.  Joined the Landscapes Guild in 1978 and then joined Longora College in 1997.  One of his first photo shoots there was Eagles at Squamish, B.C.

Tuma – is a native Micmac in 1980 got a Yashica camera.  Switched to Minolta’s Maximum 7000 & 7×1.  Met Nick as part of the Longora Vancouver school board. Pictures of Bird feeders, Pine Siskens, Towel Flicker Hummingbird in Arizona.

They went on to show us some of their pictures: lovely wood ducks; wonderful Eagle pictures (flying, walking and landing); Cedar waxen (bird on a stick);  Hummingbird sitting on a twig;  RIng neck duck; and gulls. Best light is early morning or early night and remember you can get great pictures at the feeder in your back yard. Remember birds are everywhere.

Both Nick and Tuma were so interesting explaining the workings of the inside of the camera;  and discussing sharpness, full point focusing and how to take pictures when the birds are moving. They discussed the importance of angles, lines, triangles, head angles, eyes and trying different things. They recommend always shooting in RAW and do not over process if you want to keep it natural.  Make sure to delete all pictures that are not sharp and clear.

Equipment that they use for taking pictures of birds.  Professional DSLR (Canon Mark IDIV’s);  L-series lens; Gitzo Carbon Fibre Tripods;  Wimberly Heads;  and battery pods extenders. Suggest using cracked corn or black sunflower seeds to attract the birds.

Nick showed a sight and sound essay on birds.  Suggested we pick up some books on birds. Start with “Birds of Atlantic Canada” or “A Guide to Hawks in North America”.

Refreshments by Elizabeth Nash.

Meeting ended at 9:45.      Next meeting will be April 23, 2013.




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