Minutes – March 26, 2013

30 03 2013




DATE:  March 26, 2013




Competition for tonight “Sight and Sound Essay”.

24 members were in attendance with 1 guest.

Due to the busy schedule the Show and Tell pictures from the Chester field trip will be shown at a later date.

With president Derek Johnson away the meeting was chaired by Sara Harley.



Special guest Peter Barss;  presentation  “A Portrait of Lunenburg County”.


Background:  Peter grew up in Massachusetts, USA but had relatives in Nova Scotia.  In the early 1950’s his parents purchased half of Covey Island along with a house, barn, wharf and other buildings for $700.00.  As a young man he fished with the local fishermen. Peter’s newest book “A Portrait of Lunenburg County:Images and Stories From a Vanished Way of Life” (available for $20.00) started out as a Book of Photos with very short stories. He interviewed all the fishermen in his book and most only went as far as grade 3 in school and went to work at age 12-13.  Peter showed great pictures of years ago when life was so different and fishermen worked a long full day. A typical fishing trip included a schooner dropping anchor and the small doreys would row out and fish and return to the schooner and unload and row out to fish again.  The schooners would come in with flag at half mast if a fisherman was lost at sea.


A small selection of the pictures in the book include:

  • A small Boy and two cod fish double his size (times have certainly changed).
  • Sam Whynott (aged 92) went to sea at the age of 11 and was interviewed about his life at sea.
  • Great pictures of Blue Rocks back in the 1940’s and 50s.


Peter also brought in an old deep sea lead log. You would put suet in the deep sea log, let it drop to the bottom then haul it up and see what was stuck on the log to see what kind of bottom they were over.


A great book of history and pictures of our history. Pictures can be seen at http://aportraitoflunenburgcounty.ca


Refreshments by Marcel Robitaille and John Burnett.

Meeting ended at 9:45.      Next meeting will be April 9, 2013.




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