Minutes – March 12, 2013

28 03 2013



DATE:  March 12, 2013                                MTG START TIME: 7.00 pm


Competition for tonight “Silent Essay”.

Number of members in attendance was 27.

As our president Derek Johnston was away Sara Harley chaired the meeting.


Special guest Wally Hayes;  presentation “Photography Then and Now”

Background: He has traveled extensively around the world for 50 years as a photographer and audio-visual creator.  As a news photographer, first locally and then nationally his assignments included politicians and sports and entertainment figures around the world. During almost 25 years with Nova Scotia Tourism, until his retirement in 2011, he produced more than a half million images, both on slide film and digital. These images provided the visual raw material for Nova Scotia Tourism publications and literature from 1986 to 2011 and many appeared in major national and international magazines.

Presentation: Mr. Hayes’ “Sight and Sound Essay of Nova Scotia” was extremely interesting. His main suggestion for the group was to keep on learning and doing new things. He was self-taught and related stories of his early days.  One of his first cameras while working for the Chronicle Herald in the early 1950s was the “Yashica” Twin lens quick take which held only 5-6 pictures and weighed 12-15 pounds.  He covered years of sporting events including Grey Cup games but also historical events such as the Springhill mine disaster (1958) and the British Columbia Hope Mountain slide in 1965.

After a 15 minute break with refreshments by Paulette and Rose the Silent Essays were presented.  12 essays were entered.

Meeting ended at 9:45.

Next meeting will be March 26, 2013.




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