Minutes – February 12, 2013

19 02 2013

Bridgewater Photographic Society

February 12, 2013 Minutes

The February 12, 2013 meeting opened at 7 p.m. with 27 members  present.The January 22, 2013 photos were judged prior to the meeting. The scores were  given at this meeting and the images were shown.

The guest speaker was Chris King who is a 16 year member of the club. His topic was the Outer Hebrides in the north of Scotland with accompanying slides. His photos included sandy beaches, 1500 year old ruins, Stonehenge-like structures and many other interesting images including a trip to the Isle of Skye. The church at Iona drew rave reviews.

The guest speaker, Peter Barss, who was booked for the January 22 meeting will speak on March 26.

The Treasure Hunt competition was shown and evaluated by the judges, Chris King, Ralph Cooke, and Bill Jones.

Sara Harley and Teresa Alexander Arab showed examples and explained the upcoming competitions on urban and photo journalism. They asked for submissions for the purposes of photo evaluation for the February 26th meeting.

Prints from the portrait category scheduled for January 22 were shown and judged.

It was announced that Karen Parnell Herrick has generously offered her home for the end of year party.

Unfortunately, Chris King announced that he is leaving the area and therefore is unable to continue as a member of the club. He will be sorely missed. We thank him for his many years of valuable contributions and we wish him well!




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