Minutes – January 8, 2013

16 01 2013

Bridgewater Photographic Society

Minutes of January 8, 2013 Meeting

The January 8 meeting of the Bridgewater Photographic Society opened at 7:08 p.m. with Derek Johnston in the chair and 30 members present. Charles Brown was a visitor.

Derek recommended Channels 793 and 792, Eastlink channels for their nature and travel programs in HD.

Derek also thanked Brenda Fitzgerald for hosting the Christmas Party.

Nancy Johnston recommended that the club subscribe to Photo Life Magazine.

The first half of the meeting consisted of entries for the competitions entitled Travel and Human Interest. In the Travel category there were 16 print submissions and 7 were awarded 12 or more points. There were 34 digital submissions and 7 were awarded 12 or more points. There were 47 submissions for the Human Interest category. 4 were awarded 12 or more points.

After the competitions, there were several presentations on Newfoundland:

Brenda Fitzgerald gave a beautiful presentation of the beauty, industry, and the burgs of Newfoundland with a background of fiddle music.

Nancy Johnston showed beautiful photos of a trip to Twillingate where she took a boat to see the iceburgs. She also had photos of a visit to Fogo Island.

Elizabeth Klaas’s presentation showed her trip which started with very windy and rainy weather. It was a trip to find out about her ancestors and she used the camera as a historic record keeper. Her trip included visits to some charming towns and some very wild spots. She also had a trip around the botanical gardens.

Reg Archibald gave a slideshow which was a view of Newfoundland in wintertime, 1978.

The meeting closed with Derek thanking the presenters for their presentations and wishing everyone a Happy New Year.

Refreshments were provided by Nancy Johnston.

Next meeting, January 22, will feature Portraits of Lunenburg County




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