Minutes – Nov 13, 2012

16 11 2012

Bridgewater Photographic Society

November 13, 2012 Minutes

The November 13,  2012 meeting opened at 7:15 with Derek Johnston in the chair.

Brenda Fitzgerald introduced three new members.

There were two announcements of a personal nature regarding James Campbell’s mother and the mother and mother-in-law of Doreen and Grant Dixon, respectively.

The field trip to Pier 21 on November 24 was announced. There will be more information regarding this trip to be sent out at a later date. Parking and departure times, etc. will be included in the e.mail.

Hannah Minzloff gave a presentation entitled “Portraits on Portland.” (Cindy Williams provided a summary of her presentation which is to be found at the end of the minutes.)

The Scavenger Hunt, which was authored by Sara Harley, was judged after the break. The judges were Hannah Minzloff, Chris King, and John Croft.  There were seventeen people who took part in the contest. One hundred five pictures were evaluated.

An announcement was made about the Christmas dinner to be held at Brenda Fitzgerald’s home on December 11. A sign up sheet was distributed. More names are expected to be added. Further information will be sent out by Brenda in an e.mail to the Bridgewater Photographic Society members. She has already sent out an initial announcement.

Peter Steumpel was thanked for providing the lunch for the October 23 meeting. Refreshments for November 13 were provided by Cindy Williams.

The following is Cindy Williams’ report on Hannah Minzloff’s presentation:

Hannah Minzloff is a photo based artist.

  • 2 minute group activity—60 things you can do with a popsicle stick
  • It takes her a long time to collect her thoughts with respect to developing an idea for an exhibition: 2-3 years between generating the idea to the exhibition (thus the popsicle stick activity.)
  • She comes from a family of photographers—back to about 1850 but at age 14 had a life changing experience through a photography course in Montreal that formed the basis for her career.

She highlighted and presented photographs from five of her exhibitions:

  1. Antiques and Conversation-was intended as an exhibit depicting architecture in Japan but received more comments about the people in the images so her next exhibitions became more about people.
  2. Underground-depicted images of the subway system in England-people and trains using a fisheye effect type of camera. The exhibitions themselves were on one subway train in Toronto and then on two buses in Halifax during Nocturne (an exhibit of art transporting people to an artistic event)
  3. Among the Vanities-portraits of people that she knew from galleries. Portraits were taken away from the galleries in environments where the people were most comfortable. She used single images to create collages in Photoshop so that each image was a variety of images all in one.
  4. Roadworks-images of summer construction crews. Actual prints were 3×6 feet and were displayed outside at Nocturne. With these images, she used Photoshop to keep the people sharp and all dressed in the same colours but she played with the scenes to set them in the background.
  5. Portraits on Portland-most recent exhibition. Portraits of people in their work environments on Portland Street in Dartmouth. They were exhibited at the gallery in Dartmouth and the community was very responsive. There was a curved wall in the gallery that she couldn’t hang images on so they used a giant map of the Portland Street area and visitors were invited to write on it and share their visions for Portland Street and that was a huge success.  Dartmouth Councillor Gloria McClusky was impressed and purchased the entire exhibit on behalf of the city.

She uses a lot of Photoshop in her work, primarily working in layers and showed how one final image was actually comprised of over ten images




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