Minutes – September 25, 2012

29 09 2012

Bridgewater Photographic Society Minutes

September 25, 2012

The meeting began at 7:15 with Derek Johnston in the chair.

The meeting opened with a discussion regarding the September 29th field trip. It was decided to postpone it because of its conflict with the launching of the Bluenose. There are special events in Lunenburg on Saturday related to the Bluenose launching. Also, the Scarecrow Festival is this weekend in Mahone Bay.

We have a new webmaster, Trevor Awalt.

There were 57 digital submissions and 15 print submissions for competition.

Special speakers, Fred Greene and Vicki Gaul were introduced. Fred Greene was PSA president 2007-2011 and won 100 PSA gold medals 1984-2005.

For four years he was first in the world for PSA gold medals and received many other awards.

Vicki Gaul was in PGNS and was photographer of the year.

She has entered many PSA contests and has taken a PSA evaluation course.

Fred began with an acknowledgement of 15 visits to the Bridgewater Photographic Society. He has a paper record of notes relating to his topics.

His topics were:

  1. Why do we judge photographic images
  2. Judge evaluations
  3. Judging and evaluating photographic images. The impact of photo is the first important step.
  4. Interest.
  5. Personal Style
  6. Composition
  7. Pule of Principality
  8. Rule of Thirds
  9. Use of Space
  10. Viewpoint
  11. Perspective
  12. Lines of composition
  13. Left to right
  14. Subject Direction
  15. Uneven numbers of subjects
  16. Colour
  17. Judging Glamour Photography
  18. Expression is paramount
  19. Using 15 point total system
  20. Practice judging
  21. For the first time judge
  22. Comments on the exhibition
  23. Quotes to remember

Print Honour Scores:

“Hidden Dandy”, Charlene Morton 13

“Moose on the Loose”, Gerry Black, 12

“Painted Lady”, Julia Nauss,13

“Feeding Time”, Reg Archibald, 12

“River Wild”, Elizabeth Nash, 12

Lunch break 8:15. Refreshments were provided by Julia Nash.

The meeting resumed at 8:30

Derek Johnston thanked the publicity committee.

The projected image contest began.

Honour projected image scores:

“Watchful Mama”, Cindy Williams, 12

Dissemination Has Begun”, John Burnette,12

I See You”, Trevor Awalt, 12

Webmaster”, John Burnette, 13

Monarch Butterfly”, Debbie Croft, 12
“Comorant”, Debbie Black,12

Iceberg”, Gerry Black, 14

Blue Butterfly”, Debbie Black,13

Roseate Spoonbill”, Brenda Fitzgerald, 12

Blue Heron”, Elizabeth Klass, 13

Flying Osprey”, Elizabeth Klass, 12

Squirrel”, John Croft, 12

A Lovely Pair”, Sara Harley, 14

Osprey” , Sara Harley, 14

Iceberg”, Teresa Alexander Arab, 12

Woodland Beauties”, Karen Parnell Herrick 12

Purple Finch”, Sara Harley, 13

After the completion, Vicki Gaul began her presentation on the PSA. She included a slide show of her work as seen on the PSA website.

There was then a joint slide show by Fred Greene and Vicki Gaul of their trip to Yellowstone Park.

Derek Johnston thanked the presenters and presented them with gifts.

Next meeting is October 9th and the topic is “What I Did In The Summer”, 5 images each and the Photographer of the Year Presentation. The completion is Floral: 1 print and 3 digital images.




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