Minutes from AGM – May 8, 2012

17 05 2012

Annual General meeting / Business meeting

Meeting started 7:15 P.M.

Presidents Report : Derek Johnston.

He thanked all the committees and individuals for the tremendous job they did, organizing, and planning, the topics, presenters, events, competitions, and field trips, to make for a very interesting, enjoyable, and successful year.

Special, and well deserved thank you, went to :

Nancy Johnston, and the Program Committee, for the tremendous job they did, arranging inside, and outside events, guest presenters, and interesting topics for our meetings, and competitions.

Candace Croft, James Campbell, SusanMcDormand, for creating and organizing the field trips and transportation.

Teresa Alexander- Arab, and Sara Harley for organizing the DesBrisay Museum Exhibit (20 plus Exhibitors)

Teresa Alexander-Arab, who as well as being Vice President, also did a great job as a projectionist.

Doug Merrett for taking care of web site, and doing projectionist duties.

Marg. Campbell who did another great job as treasurer this year.

Sara Harleyfor doing a tremendous job organizing, and scoringcompetitions. as well as the Scavenger Hunt “Water”. Sara also organizes and creates the yearbook.

John Croft for organizing the library, and providing books and magazines.

James Campbell for dealing with name tags, and the 50/50 draw.

Candice Croftfor arranging the Bridgewater Bulletin interview with Nancy Johnston.

Debbie Black for setting up, and organizing, breaktime snacks.

Marie and Frank Penny who organized the treasure hunt. .

Brenda Fitzgerald for being the club greeter, and assisting James Campbell with the name tags, and draws.

Evangeline Johnston a special thank you to for organizing, and sending out the minutes, and other information of interest

Derek presented roses to all the young ladies who were present and who were involved in making the programs a success.

Also, he noted, bylaw changes were made to allow the use of photo editing programs such as Photoshop, Gimp, and Picasa; for producing competition images; and the addition of 2 new competition categories, Photo Journalism, and Architecture.

He mentioned the position of secretary is not yet filled; this is a good way to get to know club members, and how the club operates.

Derek introduced our new executive for: 2012-3013

President – Derek Johnston
Past President – Brenda Fitzgerald
Vice President – Sara Harley
Treasurer – Marg Campbell
Program Director – Nancy Johnston
Field Trip coordinators – Susan McDormand / James Campbell
Scorekeeping – James Campbell
Projectionist – Teresa Alexander-Arab ; back-up and Webmaster – Doug Merrett
Refreshments – Debbie Black / Karen Parnell Herrick
Year Book – Sara Harley
Publicity – Elizabeth Nash / Elizabeth Klass
Hostess – Brenda Fitzgerald
Secretary – Still Vacant ???

Move to accept this reportby Gerry Black, seconded by Susan McDormand

Marg. Campbell Treasurer

Handed out copies of the Financial Report for the past year. and reviewed the detail of the report. Our bank balance as of 01 May 2012 was $2,759.41

Move to accept this report by Gerry Black, seconded by Susan Mcdormand

Break… Thank you toDebbie and Gerry Blackfor providing refreshments.

Doug Merrettprojected some great images by, Debbie Croft, Derek Johnston, Trevor Awalt and James Campbell, from the field trip to the Oakland Zoo, in Aylesford.

James also gave a short, excellent, sight and sound presentation of the Zoo trip.

Grant Dixon has volunteered to produce the program again this year.

Sara Harley: Judging:

She mentioned she has served 3 years as competition scorekeeper, and thanked all who volunteered to be judges; also Brenda , Nancy,James, and Marg, etc.. who helped out with competitions. .Also Doug Merrett, and Teresa Alexander Arab, for the great job they did as projectionists, and organizing images sent in for competitions.

She reviewed the numbers of prints, and projected images, entered in the competitions.

She commented on the overall high quality, and number of images entered in competitions. She also thanked those involved in organizing the scavenger hunt, photographer of the year, and the treasure hunt.

The nomination to accept the report was made by Elizibeth Klaas , seconded byDebbieBlack.

Nancy Johnston Programming:

She expressed her thanks to the members on the programming committee.

She commented on, and thanked the different presenters, and all who took part in competitions, and field trips, meetings, scavenger and treasure hunts.

Nancy would welcome new members on the program committee, and ideas for presenters, topics, competitions, and field trips. The committee meets 3-4 times during the summer, to create and finalize the next year’s program.

Please contact her or Derek for more information.

Other business:

Sarasaid the year books will be available at the windup dinner, for those who have ordered them. She is also looking for yearbook ideas for next year.

She also said, she and her husband John,would be hosting a club B.B.Q. again this year, on the 18th of August which is the third Saturday of the month. This would be “potluck”.

More information to follow.

Jamesmentioned the Tancook Island field trip would be on Saturday 26 of May

( Rain date the following Saturday.)

The return fair from Chester is $5.00, and leaves at 1 P.M. and returns at 6 P.M.

More information to follow.

Sara mentioned the Plant Nursery and Gardening Center in Wileville, would let club members take photos for a day during the first 2 weeks in June. Information to follow.

Susan mentioned photographers are needed to take pictures of, and provide prints of residents in a senior care home, during a day when they put on costumes . This would be just for their use only. Please contact her for further information.

50/50 draw winner was Sara Harley

Thank you to Reg. Archibald, who displayed prints of Eastern Passage.

Derek presented a gift to the caretaker, Carl, to show our appreciation for the work he did, before and after, meetings.

Minutes Submitted by Ralph Cook




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