Minutes from April 24th, 2012 meeting

25 04 2012


The meeting started at 6 p.m. with a session of outdoor portrait photography. We were very fortunate to have Mervyn Kumar-Misir as our workshop leader for the evening, and there was a great turn-out of members for this event. We also welcomed back Denise Wallace as our main model. Mervyn pointed out the value of using flash to fill in shadow areas even when outdoors, and showed us how natural light can be used, and respected at the same time.

Back inside, Mervyn ran through a Pro-Show slideshow of portraits and other fun photographs, and gave us further “pointers” on portraiture, both inside and out.

– As a general rule it is good to set the flash to two stops less than the light meter reads. At this setting the features of the subject are highlighted without being “burned out”.

– Using a telephoto lens with a wide aperture setting helps to soften the background and create real focus on the subject.

– Use natural lighting when possible.

– Mirror shots create an interesting portrait, but photographers should be careful to take such shots at an angle to avoid “flashes” in the photo. Bouncing the flash off the ceiling also helps even out shadows and create a more even portrait, while keeping the focus on the main subject.

– Using F4-6 gives a shallow d.o.f.

– Mervyn mentioned two types of lighting – Rembrandt – with the main light source on one side, a reflector on the other and back/hair lighting; and Butterfly – a more direct overhead lighting.

General Rules of Portraiture
– Create pleasing poses by using “C” or “S” shapes with the model.

– Any shadow under a subject’s nose should not reach below the top lip.

– On a semi-profile portrait, the nose should not break the cheek line.

Mervyn also pointed out that if done properly, an apparent nude shot can be taken with the subject wearing a swimsuit.
For Nikon users, visit the Nikon website to see what older (film) lenses will fit digital cameras. Mervyn also stressed the difficulties in using older flash units (film to digital) because of the difference in voltage between the two types of camera. He mentioned purchasing an electronic switch to provide a “bridge” so that older flashes may be used.

We enjoyed refreshments and snacks, courtesy of Derek – thank you, Derek.

After the break Teresa encouraged members to visit the Lunenburg Art Gallery (79 Pelham Str) between now and May 20th. There is an exhibit of photography with one of the exhibitors being our own Grant Dixon.

President Derek gave us a run-down of “Who’s who” for next year, and it reads:

President – Derek Johnston
Past President – Brenda Fitzgerald
Vice President – Sara Harley
Treasurer – Marg Campbell
Program Director – Nancy Johnston
Field Trips – Susan McDormand/James Campbell
Scorekeeping – James Campbell
Projectionist – Teresa Alexander-Arab ; back-up and Webmaster – Doug Merrett
Refreshments – Debbie Black/Karen Herrick
Year Book – Sara Harley
Publicity – Elizabeth Nash/Julia Naas
Host – Brenda Fitzgerald
Secretary – Still Vacant

There was a request to have the members’ names etc. published for next year. Brenda offered to set this up early in the new year.

After the business side of the meeting was over, Ester (Mervyn’s friend) delighted us with a presentation of her Creative works, for which she uses Photoshop, and a sight and sound essay featuring Mervyn playing several comical roles.

We were then treated to a great presentation on the Slot Canyons by Nancy Johnston. She pointed out how difficult it is these days to get those good shots due to the popularity of the canyons and the number of visitors. Sand and dust are major problems in doing this work.

The next meeting is the Annual General Meeting, when refreshments are provided by the Club.

Minutes by: Brenda Fitzgerald.




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