Minutes from March 13th meeting

16 03 2012

Bridgewater Photographic Society Minutes
March 13, 2012

Five Sight and Sound essays were presented:
Why I Love Nova Scotia
Old World Architecture
New York Adventure
There were several problems with the running of the sight and sound essays. It really didn’t give a proper showing of the work that had gone into the presentations. Judges were James Campbell, Chris King, and Reg Archibald.

The guest speaker was Ron Smith, also known as “Super Bald Guy”. He is a former president of our club with thirty years of shooting experience. His talk included:
The passion to take photos
The instinct to buy equipment
Recommendation of Ross Farm for its ready and willing subjects. It’s $25. for a lifetime pass to Ross Farm.
The use of flash in sunlight to help balance the light, putting colour into the shadows. Also, use of a diffuser on the flash to scatter light.
It was suggested that he show slides next time.

There was a call for contributions for a thank you for caretaker Carl.


Teresa Alexander-Arab and Sara Harley are organizing a calendar on the display at the Debrisay Museum, “Chasing the Light”, which takes place September 23- November 11.
Sara Harley is organizing a book on the display. She needs digital images before the end of May to use in the book, together with a photo of the photographer and a short biography.

Refreshments were provided by Karen Parnell Herrick

Next meeting’s topic is “Photographing Fruit and Vegetables” and there was a reminder to bring fruit, vegetables, cameras, and light boxes.




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