Minutes from February 28th meeting

3 03 2012

Bridgewater Photographic Society
February 28. 2012

Members were greeted by Brenda Fitzgerald and Debbie Croft.

Silent Essays were presented. Judges were Gerry Black, James Campbell, and Marg Campbell. There were six entries.
Members were asked to volunteer for the nominating committee and to consider serving on the executive and the committees.
Ken Renton will be giving a presentation on photographing fruit and vegetables at the March 27 meeting. Things needed for the workshop are: a light box, baskets, planters, fruit and vegetables, and backdrops.
There is a call for new categories for competition. Suggestions should go to Teresa Alexander-Arab.
Derek Johnston thanked Teresa Alexander-Arab for her work as Madame Projectionist.
John Croft shared pictures of “Old Stuff” which included rusty items and old peeling paint, old buildings and parts of old buildings.
Photo Sharing was Textures in Nature.
Trevor Awalt gave a presentation of his photos. Among the subjects were lovely bird photos, rocks and desert landscapes, etc.
Refreshments were provided by Teresa Alexander-Arab.

Minutes by Chris King




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