Minutes from January 24, 2012 meeting

25 01 2012

Bridgewater Photographic Society Minutes
January 24, 2012

Meeting began at 7:13 with opening remarks from the president, Derek Johnston.
• Distribution of membership cards
• Brenda Fitzgerald introduced new members and visitors.

Doug Merrett gave a presentation on “The Creative Use of Cheap Lenses “,which included:
• Google presentation program
• Pinhole photography
• 50 mm manual lens
• Reversing ring (macro lens)
• Pringle can macro
• Franken macro
Derek Johnston thanked Doug for his presentation.

James Campbell gave a reminder about Saturday’s outing to the Lunenburg Railway Museum.
Derek Johnston , with consulation with the executive, booked the hall for next year’s meetings.
Brenda Fitzgerald made a reservation at Pizza Delight for the end of year party.
Sara Harley organized and took the group photo.
Derek Johnston thanked:
• Brenda Fitzgerald for refreshments for the meeting
• Judges for the competitions
• Sara Harley and Teresa Alexander-Arab for the group photo, DeBrisay Museum
Exhibit, and the information sheet for those who want to display photos at the
exhibit, etc.
Sara Harley spoke about the yearbook and possible calendar.
Teresa Alexander-Arab spoke about photo sharing at the next meeting.
Teresa Alexander-Arab’s photo was chosen by the membership for the DesBrisay Museum’s advertising purposes.

Derek Johnston ended the meeting with reminders of upcoming events.

Refreshments were provided by Brenda Fitzgerald.




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