Minutes from Jan 10, 2012 meeting

12 01 2012

Minutes by Brenda Fitzgerald

The meeting began at 7.15 p.m. with President Derek welcoming everyone and wishing all a Happy New Year. He outlined the busy agenda for the evening and welcomed Eric Hayes. Eric shared information about a show at the Viewpoint Gallery, entitled “New Points”.

Derek also informed members that the group photo will be taken at the next meeting.

Grant has been asked for images of the Bridgewater area. A woman is setting up a website with regard to a new subdivision coming to Bridgewater, and wanted shots of the area. Grant said he’d contact people in the club, asking if they’d like to contribute.

Brenda welcomed 5 visitors.

Derek welcomed and introduced presenter Colin Campbell and gave members a brief bio. Colin is well-known to the Club, and always inspires us with his work. His presentation on Iceland was certainly no exception. From the beginning of his presentation, he was impressed with the quality of the projected images. Later he explained how to adjust our projector if it “slipped” and colours began to fade. He said, “Reduce saturation and brightness”.

Colin visited Iceland in October of last year and spent time around Rekjivik, the capital of the country. At this time of year, Iceland is a mass of flaming colours – a photographer’s dream. Lava fields when dry are black, but when wet become lush greens. We were treated to a couple of spectacular shots of the Northern Lights, and we learned about yokulsarlon, which means glacial beach. Colin showed how icebergs get trapped in glacial lagoons for a couple of years before they can move out to the ocean. He also captured some amazing shots of ice caught at the edges of the lagoons, where the movement of the water and the ice formations became “surreal” at sundown.

Throughout his presentation he showed us three outstanding buildings in Rekjivik – 1. The Pearl – a geothermal reactor, observatory and tourist attraction; 2. The Cathedral; and 3. Harpa, the new concert hall. All three structures were designed to complement the landscape and were inspired by the geological features surrounding them. They have dramatic angles and Colin created some amazing abstract photos from all three buildings. He commented that the back of the Cathedral has a dome that looks like a woman’s breast – mimicking the lava mounds in the area. The concert hall is built in glass prisms, probably inspired by the glaciers and by the basalt cliffs, found especially along the edges of lakes. Colin mentioned that basalt formations can also be found on Brier Island N.S. and appear like “organ pipes”.
Many of the buildings in Rekjivik are sided with corrugated iron and Colin showed examples of these.
During Colin’s visit, he took a bus tour around the Golden Circle, a route around Rekjivik, where he saw many ancient rock walls and ruins, root cellars and “Geysirs” or hot springs. He showed dramatic photos of one that erupts every 5 minutes with each eruption lasting 2-3 seconds. His photos showed how the eruption begins with a “bubble” of boiling water, followed by the geyser erupting fully and finally leaving what appears to be a large hole in the ground.
Iceland is a very new country and Colin showed photos of the major fault line which is still moving and the fissure, broadening. He showed us glaciers ingrained with lava, giving them a black finish. Beaches around the lakes – some of them made up of hot to boiling water – are also black. One photo showed a person retrieving a loaf of bread cooked over a 24 hour period in one of the beaches.
Colin had photos of a large crater and of the volcano that erupted in 2008, disrupting air travel throughout Europe and beyond. He also mentioned, and showed photos of a large fissure that erupted in the late 1600s, creating dramatic climate changes and famine, and which is thought to have brought about the French Revolution.
Many huge waterfalls and waterflies make up part of the landscape. Waterflies are waterfalls which are whipped up by high winds, sending the water skywards, creating fascinating subjects for photography.

Colin showed us, using Lightroom, how he changed drab-coloured or overexposed photos into black and white. He likes to darken the blues and bring up the greens and yellows to create stunning b/w photos.

Colin’s visit to Iceland was through Iceland Auraura Tours and his contact can be found at “tonyprower.com”. His own website is “colincampbellphoto.ca”, where we can find many of the photos he presented, along with examples of basalt formations on Brier Island. He will shortly be adding some video pieces he didn’t have time to show us at our meeting. As always, Colin left us all wanting to take a trip – this time to Iceland! Thank you, Colin.

Refreshments were provided by Susan McDormand – thank you, Susan. The 50/50 was won by Debbie Black.

Aftewards, John Croft spoke to us about the idea of a lending library within the Club. He had brought along some books and magazines and offered to take care of maintaining the library.

Sara spoke briefly about the Museum exhibition to take place in September 2012. Anyone interested in having a photo judged for our publicity presentation photo, should bring up to two prints to the next meeting. Voting will be a “people’s choice” and all prints will be laid out on the table for all to see and vote on. Photos do not need to be framed and must be 5” x 7” minimum. All members are invited to participate in the exhibition and may have up to three photographs being presented.

Our competitions this week were: Creative and Pictorial and our thanks go to our three judges, James, Ralph and Peter. Thanks also to all participants. The meeting ended at 9.35 p.m.

Competitions: Humour and Portraits – two digitals and one print (8 x 10). Our presenter will be Doug Merrett, who will speak on the creative use of cheap lenses.
Don’t forget the group photo!




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