Minutes of Oct 25 Meeting

27 10 2011

The Bridgewater Photographic Society met at 7:10 p.m. Tuesday, October 25, 2011. Field Trip: Thanks to the organizers of the field trip to Kedji Adjunct. Also thanks to Rob Fensome.
Brenda Fitzgerald introduced guests Julie Nauss, Cornwall and Elizabeth Class, Corkum Island.

Nancy Johnston introduced the guest speaker, Jen Fried. Jen lived in Scotland and then Nova Scotia. She has been involved in breeding and showing horses. She became involved in photography after an injury. She has won many awards. The title of her presentation was Abstract Beauty: Ways and Examples of Creativity

A popular concept is that the left brain deals with details while the right brain deals with imagination and risk taking. Which brain are you? There is a test website: www.creativebrain.com (note: link broken at press time) . How do you take pictures? When you want to take a picture you train the brain to go to the right and wake up the artist in us. You need technique with imagination .
Jen is inspired by the Polish photographer, Wopetek Kweatkouias.
Set your camera, e.g. lens longest 300mm shutter speed 300. Carry your camera like a baby.
Jen always shoots in RAW format.
She suggests you take 200 shots, let the right brain cut in.
Never sharpen shots in the camera.
Photo finishing: play with photoshop It took 5 years for Jen to understand the Photo Shop, Light Room, Focus. It’s fun to change images—get into the zone.

Marsha Tanner has a photo in The Pampered Pet Photo Contest and placed in the top 5.

Nancy Johnston was interviewed by the Bridgewater paper to do an article on the club for the October 26 paper.

Refreshments were provided by James Campbell.

Competitions were prints, then digital images.
Prints were shown by Marg Campbell. Judges were James Campbell, Chris King, and Ralph Cook. Brenda Fitzgerald was scorekeeper.
Teresa spoke about the Floral Competition for November 8.

Business:Changes to by-laws :Add to the number of categories
Change of rules for digital images
The competition committee will look at and decide about the number of categories.
After much discussion the motion regarding digital images was passed with a vote of 10 in favour, 4 opposed, and 2 abstentions.




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