Oct 11 Meeting Minutes

13 10 2011

Bridgewater Photographic Society Minutes

The meeting opened at 7:13 p.m. The scheduled speaker, Colin Campbell, was unable to give his presentation due to family illness. Grant Dixon gave a presentation on Black and White Conversion Photography. Derek Johnston presented a slide show and commentary on his trip to England and Ireland.

Next meeting, October 25, we will have a vote on the amendments to the bylaw. Everyone should have a copy from the last meeting
The rain date for the field trip to Kedji Adjunct is October 23. Good footwear is needed. Participants must be agile and physically fit as rock hopping may be involved. Rocks can be quite slippery when wet. There is a 45 minute walk to get to where you need to be.

Janet Reid will be here next meeting. She is an excellent self-taught photographer and is adept with Photo Shop.

October 25 is a competition night for nature. Teresa Alexander-Arab discussed the rules and regulations of next meeting’s competition.
Teresa Alexander-Arab showed the entries from the scavenger hunt. Entries were voted on by a show of hands. Entrants did not vote.

Refreshments were provided by Grant Dixon. The meeting ended at 9:40.




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