News – November 6, 2015

6 11 2015

Reminder: This Saturday, Nov 7, is the deadline for your digital image submissions for Portrait and Monochrome (1 each).

Next Meeting: Tuesday, November 10, Angela Creaser will present Macro and Micro Photography. Angela is a fine art photographer who lives and works in Halifax, and is an exhibiting member at the Viewpoint Gallery. Her interest in macro photography began with flowers and insects, but she grew to love shallow depth of field and the idea of combining focus points to create interesting images. Her macro images of marbles culminated in her first solo photographic show in 2013.
Macro/Closeup is a new competition category this year — this is a good opportunity to pick up some tips. We’ll also show images from the last field trip, and hand out Honour Award certificates from the Floral competition.

News – October 25, 2015

25 10 2015

A note from our guest speaker about the feature presentation this coming Tuesday October 27th:

A Photographic slide-show of the Great Southwestern China – by: Yau-Sun Tong

A unique place amount the 9.6 million square kilometer of lands in China, geographically Southwest China includes the areas of 4 provinces and one autonomous region, which are: GuangXi, YunNan, GuiZhou and SiChuan provinces, along with Tibet Autonomous Region. This territory stands out as grand and marvelous, mysterious, serene and primitive, from the ancient time to the modern days, Southwest China has enchanted travelers who indulge in it, it has aroused countless poets and literary giants, stirring their imagination, their enthusiasm and their calligraphy, leaving profound master pieces forever.

Beautiful scenery can be found everywhere; nature seems to show favoritism to the Southwest. Confucius says: “The benevolent enjoys mountains, and the wise enjoys the water”. But what is most interesting and striking to many is the rich cultural heritages, the cultural diversity in Southwest China, among the 55 ethnic minority nationalities in China, more than 40 can be found in the Southwest. The unique customs, the beautiful and colorful costumes, the folk music and dancing from the region, the genuine hospitality from the locals, the legends of history, all these make the great Southwest a wonderland for real travelers and photographers. There is a saying goes: “if you haven’t reach on top of The Great Wall, you are not a true man.” It almost holds truth to say that: “if you do not travel to the Southwest when you are in China, you’ll miss a lot”.

Best regards
Yau-Sun Tong 湯友新

News – October 17, 2015

24 10 2015

Next Meeting, October 27


A great opportunity to view photos of a seldom-explored area of China, through the eyes of photographer Yau-Sun Tong. Attached is a brief biography of Yau-Sun. If you’ve ever thought about visiting China, Yau-Sun arranges explorations of some of the more remote and interesting areas of the country. The link for more information is in his bio. Visitors are welcome.

Also at the meeting, we’ll review the results of the floral digital competition and the floral prints will be judged live.

News – October 14, 2015

24 10 2015

Changes to Bylaws & Regulations

Section 8 of Regulations:

Change to…
Any one image can be entered once into print or digital image competitions which contribute to the photographer of the year. Images may be re-used in essay competitions.

Appendix F:
Submitting Digital Images For Competition

Change to…
Submission guidelines will be determined at the beginning of the year, and communicated to the membership.

Minutes – October 13, 2015

24 10 2015

Bridgewater Photo Club Minutes
October 13, 2015
Submitted by Julie Naas

Our rainy evening meeting on October 13,2015 opened with our president John, and club announcements.

Nancy Johnson then introduced our guest speaker for the evening, Darryl Robertson, a published photographer for Photo Life magazine. His sight and sound of Birds In My Spruce Tree showed us that things to photograph are right outside our doors. Darryl then spoke on infrared photography, explaining the how-to’s of this beautiful technique.

Charlene Morton informed us about our up-coming field trip to Lahave Islands and Crousetown dam on Saturday.

The club executive has decided to renew the club’s liability insurance, but without the equipment coverage, which had a $500 deductible per item. This should reduce our premium by around $100 per year.

The executive has decided NOT to change Regulation 13a (competition scoring). Accordingly, our point system will continue to be from 2 to 5, and NOT up to 5.5 as had been previously announced. However, the executive has decided to try allowing half-points in scoring for this season (2.5, 3.5, 4.5).

The executive has decided to change Regulation 8 (re-entry of images in competition). The changed regulation will read as follows:

Any one image can be entered once into print or digital image competitions which contribute to the photographer of the year. Images may be re-used in essay competitions.

Members were asked to follow the image guide lines as sent, rather than refer to Appendix F of the Bylaws. This makes for less work on the part of our projectionist.

Members were encouraged to volunteer to judge our photo competitions.

The upcoming floral competition has 31 entries. The deadline for floral print submissions is Oct. 24/15.

Slide shows of the Eastern Passage field trip and last year’s honour awards finished our meeting .

Next meeting is Tuesday October 27, 2015, at 7:oo p.m. Everyone welcome.

Minutes – September 22, 2015

24 10 2015

Bridgewater Photo Club Minutes
September 22, 2015
(submitted by Derek Johnston)

At our second meeting of the year the photo club was treated to an excellent presentation by Kas Stone. Kas is a professional photographer and instructor. Both qualifications were in abundant evidence during her well prepared and well delivered discourse on the judging of photographs for competitive purposes. Club competitions and more specifically, the judging of the images can be daunting and contentious. Kas tackled these issues head on by offering practical strategies for entering and quite possibly winning the various competitions, e.g. nature, floral, portrait, etc.

Kas offered six strategies for the proper preparation for presentation or displays for those photographers who want to have their efforts evaluated in the competitions which will be held at various intervals during the year. She used digital images which received honour awards last year to illustrate her strategies. This approach added visual and dramatic examples of just what the judges expect. Making better photographs is a high priority goal of all club members whether they enter the competitions or not.

In addition to the presentation on photographic strategies, Kas showed the members how to calibrate computer monitors for colour. This presentation explained the use of relatively inexpensive computer equipment designed to be user friendly. The use of such equipment helps eliminate unwelcome surprises when a digital image is displayed.

Both presentations by Kas were well received and most appreciated. There were several announcements at the start of the meeting regarding upcoming events, deadlines, etc. These as well as notes from Kas’s presentation will be sent to the members in the near future.

Lastly, it would be of special interest to our club members that John Burnett and Kas Stone will be featured at the Lunenburg Art Gallery from September 29 to October 25. The title of the exhibition is Un Sensored.

Minutes – September 8, 2015

24 10 2015

Bridgewater Photo Club Minutes
September 8, 2015
(submitted by Derek Johnston)

The Bridgewater Photo Club officially started the new year on September 8, 2015.

This year’s President, John Burnett, welcomed everyone back for what promises to be a very enjoyable year. Existing members as well as guests were given a brochure which outlines the coming photographic season. It promises to be an enjoyable year filled with many interesting activities.

John introduced the new executive which is comprised of a number of positions. Although there are some on the executive who are experienced in their respective roles, there are some who are new to the job.

New this year was a sight and sound essay which displayed the photographs of ten members who participated in what was called The Summer Challenge. Each photographer submitted photos which were designed to show various people, places, and things associated with summer.

The president then gave a short summary of what the club does during the year. John explained that competitions, which are voluntary, will be held at different intervals. Examples include nature, flowers, portrait, macro, etc.

There will be presentations by guest photographers as well as in-house photographers.

Field trips to various places are planned for the 2015-2016 season to various places which are suggested by the membership. The trips provide an opportunity for comraderie, the sharing of ideas, photos, and laughter. All trips seem to culminate in a restaurant where more conviviality ensues.

The social aspect of the club is also continued with our Christmas dinner and year-end dinner where various awards are presented to those who won competitions.

John outlined specific things which centre around the competitions. How the judging is to be done. He further made reference to the new categories, such as landscape/seascape. Becoming a better photographer is the main objective of the competitions.

Dave Collins, the club projectionist, also presented further sight and sound essays which centered around field trips. It is safe to say that all were impressed with his efforts.

The evening concluded with a friendly competition. The group was subdivided into smaller groups and trivia questions revolving around photographic history and technique were asked. The winners were given the keys to the bragging compartment.


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