Minutes – April 28, 2015

30 04 2015

April 28, 2015
26 members, 3 guests


  • our year end dinner will be at Ko’s Restaurant in Bridgewater on May 26th…gathering at 6:00. Buffet for $15.95 plus tax, or order from the menu. If you plan to attend but haven’t signed the sheet, please let us know at the next meeting
  • Gary, Trevor, Darlene, Don, and Dave C will be volunteering to take photographs at Run Nova Scotia’s Riverport race on May 9th. Photos of the racers will be available to purchase through a website set up by Trevor. Any profits will be donated to the photo club…thank you!


We started the evening with our Sight and Sound Competition. Our members were challenged to put a digital slide show together, complete with sound. Charlene L created a show called “Thank You Louis”, which coupled her photographs with the song “It’s a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong. Karen PH’s essay contained a collection of stunning portraits wearing old fashioned hats set to the song “My Hat’s on the Side of My Head” by Ray Noble. Our winning essay of the night was created by John B. His show was set to the Lennie Gallant song “Make and Break Harbour” and contained a series of photographs of harbours and fishing boats. John will pick up his trophy at the year end celebration. Thank you to judges Teresa, Ralph, and Kas.


After a break for snacking and socializing, Kas gave the club a presentation called “Digital Manipulation – the Great “Reality” Debate”. How much post processing of our digital photographs is “allowed”? When does a photograph change from being a photograph to being art? Is a photographer an artist who uses images as “ingredients”? Or is it “cheating” to create a photograph using elements from two or more photos? The answers to these questions depend on who you ask!

Community Recognition

A few of our club members were recently recognized at Bridgewater’s Volunteer Ceremony and Reception. Long time club member Nancy J was recognized for her years of arranging a well balanced and enjoyable program for our club. Nancy has lots of contacts at other clubs, and makes sure everything is organized to ensure there is something of interest throughout the year for all levels of ability at our club. John B has only been a member for a couple of years, but is one of our most dedicated volunteers. Along with being our VP and projectionist, he creates digital slide shows that highlight the photography of all our club members. He has also led many instructional sessions at the club, and has volunteered his photography to the community at the DesBrisay Museum and the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival. Gary S was also recognized for his volunteer work photographing exhibits at the DesBrisay Museum.

Next Meeting

Our Annual Meeting will wrap up our club meetings on May 12th at the MARC. In addition to our formal meeting, we’ll be showing all the honour award winning photographs from the year and a slide show from a recent field trip to Riverport and surrounding area. Time permitting, we’ll also show the member pages from the yearbook. It’s your last chance to join us before we break for the summer!

Training – Introduction to Time-lapse Photography April 14, 2015

16 04 2015

Here is a PDF of the topic “Introduction to Time-lapse Photography” as presented by Trevor Awalt on April 14th, 2015. Click on the following link to download the pdf Introduction To Time-Lapse Photography v1.2 April 14-2015 Trevor Awalt

Minutes – April 14, 2015

16 04 2015

Minutes – April 14, 2015 – 7:15pm
31 club members were present


– 15 club surveys have been sent in with ideas for our Program Committee to use in creating next year’s program.
– Our field trip on Saturday April 20th has been changed. Kegi Park was the original destination, but the facilities will not be open until next month. We will take a tour of Riverport and nearby wharves, ending with lunch at the Knot Pub in Lunenburg. Meet at 9am, Tim Horton’s in Bridgewater.
– Yearbooks will be $35 this year and payment to Sara is required no later than April 28th. (cash or etransfer) If you want a yearbook and have not signed the list, email Sara. The yearbook order will be submitted no later than April 30 to take advantage of a 20% discount offer.
– Club members Nancy Johnston and John Burnett will be recognized at the Bridgewater Volunteer Ceremony and Reception for their contributions to the Photo Club. Gary Smith will also be recognized for his volunteer work at the DesBrisay Museum. Congrats to all!
– Karen and Yvonne presented the club with options for the year end dinner. Some locations were not available on the night we need, so the majority of the club voted to have the dinner at Ko’s Restaurant.
– Gary asked for volunteers to photograph the 5k run in Riverport on May 7th. Trevor, Darlene, Dave and Gary have volunteered.


Club member Trevor Awalt gave a presentation on Time Lapse Photography.  Time Lapse photography involves some special equipment, and there are lots of things to think about when putting a show together. Short set ups spanning hours can be created by taking photos of moving clouds, longer set ups spanning days can be used to show a growing flower, and even longer set ups spanning months can condense a building project into a show that lasts only tens of seconds! Our minds were boggled with lots of samples of formulas and calculations, but thankfully Trevor created notes for us so we didn’t have to depend on our memories (a pdf file will be available on our website shortly). Trevor’s presentation ended with a seriously cute time lapse video of a squirrel collecting seeds set to the tune “Taking Care of Business”.


After a quick break for socializing, we watched our New Member Competition. Nancy Grant, Janice Kenefick and Don Barnes each submitted six images with a wide variety of subjects for the club to enjoy. Judging was done online before the meeting by previous winners of the New Member Trophy – Dave Collins, James Campbell, and Gary Smith. The winner of this year’s trophy was Don Barnes.

Certificates were also given out to Karen Parnell Herrick, the winner of our Silent Essay Competition, and John Burnett, who won the Treasure Hunt Competition. Trophies for all our competitions will be awarded at our year end dinner in May.

Field Trip:

To wrap up the evening, the club enjoyed a show of digital slides from our recent field trip to the Maplewood Maple Syrup Farm.

At our next meeting, Kas Stone will be presenting “Digital Manipulation – the Great Reality Debate” which will likely stir up some lively conversations! We’ll also have our last competition for the year – Sight and Sound.

Minutes – March 24, 2015

16 04 2015

Minutes – March 24, 2015 – 7:15pm
(33 members present, and 2 guests)


– The photos that our club members submitted to the South Shore Council of Canadians Water Week exhibit will be moved to the Art Happening location in Bridgewater for several weeks.
– our field trip to the Maplewood Maple Syrup Farm will be Sat March 28th.
– this year’s club survey will be sent out by email. Surveys are used to create next year’s program, so please send your ideas
– we are looking for a Program Director for next year. Nancy J will continue to be on the program committee, but would like someone to take over as Director (this is an exec position).
– photographs for the New Members Competition are due on Saturday March 28th


Our first presentation was by long time club member John Croft, who showed the club a presentation on “Lobster Dump Day”. His facts and photographs gave us an appreciation for the hard work and cold conditions in the lives of lobster fishermen. What makes a better lobster trap? Wood or metal? Both types of traps make excellent photographs!

From sea to sky….our next presentation was “Winging It – Capturing Birds on the Fly” by club member Elizabeth Klaas. Elizabeth gave us tips on how to prepare for capturing bird photos while we are out and about and “on the fly”. Tips at home include setting up a branch near bird feeders. The birds will land on the branch while waiting for the feeder,
allowing the photographer a great chance for a photo without including the feeder in the frame. Other ideas were to plant hostas or beebalm (hummingbird favourites) in a pot, and move the pot around to remove clutter from the background of your photos. If you spot a bird photo opportunity when traveling, make sure you pull over and park safely (sometimes a challenge on our narrow country roads). Use the car, or maybe a nearby sign post, to steady your arms and reduce camera shake when taking your photos if you don’t have time to pull out a tripod. Elizabeth has captured hundreds of stunning photographs of many different birds on her local travels.


Club members Kas Stone and Richard Novossiltzeff, and guest photographer John Webb from the Photographic Guild of Nova Scotia were the judges for our two photo competitions. The first competition of the night was the “Silent Essay”, a compilation of 12 photographs that tell a story. The club enjoyed three essays; “If Life Gives You Lemons” by Karen Parnell Herrick, “Beachcombing” by John Burnett, and “Rain, Rain Go Away” by Joan McCullough.

Our final competition of the evening was the annual “Treasure Hunt”. Club members were challenged to capture photographs that represented various movie titles. Eight members and one two person team entered the competition and rose to the challenge to capture images of “Gone With The Wind”, “Shine”, and “My Left Foot”…a few of the 10 categories. Thanks to Joan McCullough for putting this fun challenge together. For this competition, the judges tested out using an additional “half point” system to increase the range of possible marks to 7. (2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5) If the judge wanted to add a half point to their score, they held up a finger. Judges thought the additional option of a half point was a good tool, but it was difficult for the scorekeepers to see their raised fingers. Cards will be made up for future competitions if the half point system is used.

Our next meeting will be Tuesday April 14th, 7:15pm at the M.A.R.C. We invite all photography lovers to come out and visit before we break for the summer. Amateur or professional…everyone is welcome!

Training – Sight & Sound AV Shows

3 03 2015

Here is a PDF of the topic “Sight & Sound AV Shows” as presented by Kas Stone on February 24th, 2015. Click on the following link to download the pdf Sight & Sound AV Show Creation Feb 24-2015 by Kas Stone

Minutes – February 24, 2015

2 03 2015


Minutes – February 24, 2015 – 7:15pm
(36 in attendance, 1 guest)


  • The last two meeting were canceled due to weather issues therefore some of the competition judging was done online. Links to the entries, scores and judges’ comments were provided to club members via email. Feedback was positive and included that it was nice to be able to receive and review comments as well as being able to spend more time looking at the various images. Thank you to John Burnett for all the work that he put into this project.
  • Members also provided feedback that they appreciate the information sharing that Trevor Awalt has been providing.
  • Silent Essay Competition has been postponed to March 24th. The definition was displayed and will also be sent out be email to all members. Scoring is out of 100. If you would like to have your essay tested to ensure that it projects properly, please bring it to our next meeting.
  • There is no competition scheduled for the next meeting.
  • Samples of the personal yearbook pages were displayed. Participants who still need to get their bios and photos into Sara should do so as soon as possible. You can submit three to four images. Bio only needs to be a couple of sentences about you as a photographer.


  • Honour awards from past competitions were handed out.
  • Portrait print competition was held, with two resulting honour awards
  • Monochrome print competition was held, with one honour award

Slide Show:

BMI junk yard field trip of January 24th. Again, thank you to John for assembling the show. Participants discussed sharing the images with BMI. Sara will email the participants to ensure they agree to their images being shared.


Kas Stone – Sight & Sound – How to Create an Effective Digital AV Show: Kas covered all aspects of the artistic component to creating a sight and sound essay or AV show, outlining what makes an effective AV show as well as common mistakes to avoid. Through both visual and audio, Kas took us through the steps of developing upon an idea or story, choosing images, text and other visual aids, choosing the music and any other sound effects right through to assembling the final product with attention to grouping, timing, transitions to keep our audience engaged throughout. Kas shared a number of examples of both wonderful AV shows as well one intentionally designed to show the types of mistakes people can often make when first creating an AV show. Kas kindly provided a handout that highlighted her presentation.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 pm.

Minutes – January 13, 2015

21 01 2015

Minutes – January 13, 2015
January 13, 2015 – 7:15pm
25 people in attendance.

•    Snacks are needed for the next three meetings, sign-up sheet will be passed around
•    Christmas card received from Brenda Fitzgerald
•    If you would like to have a page in the club yearbook and have not yet emailed Sara, please add your name to the sign-up sheet or email her ASAP.
•    Charlene discussed the Water Exhibit – first meeting is Wednesday at the Shop on the Corner in Lunenburg.  The Exhibit runs from March 16 – 22, 2015.
•    Field trip on January 24th will be to the BMI junk yard only as Mr. Zwicker is not available.  Details will follow by email.
•    Next meeting will be the Humour competition – two digital images; the caption is important as combined with the image it should be funny.  We will also have the Photo Travel digital competition – one digital image to be submitted.

Pictorial Print – 9 entries, with four receiving honour awards
Travel Print – 9 entries, with one receiving an honour award

Slide Show:
Mahone Bay field trip of November 29, 2014.  This field trip had our highest attendance yet and the images that were shared beautifully captured the Father Christmas Festival.

Treasure Hunt 2015:

Thank you to Joan McCullough for putting our Treasure Hunt Challenge together!

You can enter your photos as an individual, or team of two. (teams must enter 4 photos per person)
Choose eight of the following ten categories, one submission for each. Your photo should be an image that captures the essence of the title (ie, for Mystic River…take a photo of a river, for The Color Purple….take a photo of something purple, etc).  Photos to be taken between January 14 and March 21, 2015. Judging takes place March 24, 2015.  The person/team with the highest score will be presented with our Treasure Hunt Trophy at the year end celebration.

This treasure hunt is a challenge for members to have fun using their cameras and imaginations to find and interpret the following titles:
1.  Mystic River
2.  Shine
3.  The Fisher King
4.  Ordinary People
5.  Gone With the Wind
6.  On The Waterfront
7.  The Shop Around The Corner
8.  A Face In The Crowd
9.  My Left Foot
10. The Color Purple

John Burnett – Monochrome Photography.  John’s presentation included a history of black and white photography noting that historically, it was the only choice whereas in current day photography is more of an artistic choice.  Black and white images can be used to accentuate contrast, tone, texture, drama as well as to de-emphasize things such as distracting colour, lack of colour and colour noise.  There are challenges to monochrome photography; pre-visualizing your image can be difficult.  John also covered post-processing of images into monochrome or black and white going through some pre-sets in Photoshop as well as specialized add-ons including Silver Efex Pro, Perfect B&W, Topaz B&W Effects and B&W Styler.  He also discussed printing options – consumer labs, B & W digital, inkjet printers and inkjet printers with multiple black inks and the longevity of black and white prints compared to colour prints.  Examples of filters and pre-sets in Photoshop Elements were demonstrated and a number of tips provided such as the benefits of boosting contrast in post-processing and using burn and dodge to darken or lighten various elements of the image.  He also cautioned that it’s important to pay attention to your sharpening so images pop.  John recommended that if you are shooting in black and white mode, to shoot both RAW and JPG because RAW will retain all the original information.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.


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