Minutes – January 26, 2016

1 02 2016

Bridgewater Photo Club – Photographer of the Year

Tuesday, January 26, 2016 – Each year, the Bridgewater Photographic Society holds a series of competitions in a variety of photographic genres, and the photographer who scores highest across all competitions is awarded the trophy for Photographer of the Year. Last Tuesday, the club was treated to a wonderful presentation by the 2014-15 Photographer of the Year, Karen Parnell-Herrick.

Karen is a relatively new member to the club, and to digital photography. She told us about her early disappointments with photos from a trip to the Grand Canyon, and her struggles to learn the technical aspects of her camera and the computer side of digital photography. But, she decided either to improve to a point that she was happy with her efforts, or to give up the hobby altogether. Karen’s determination and hard work paid off; last season was a banner year for her growth as a photographer, culminating in her win of the club’s Photographer of the Year award.

Karen’s presentation spanned the breadth of her picture-taking last year, from trips to Montana and the Carolinas to her award-winning entries in the club’s competitions. She combined explanations of a few images with automated sight and sound essays displaying a range of images from her trips and her photographic exploits. We learned the stories behind some of her portraits (rubbing plant soil on her husband’s face to “grunge him up”), photos in other genres, and photographic essays. And she talked about her favourite lens – a 50mm ‘prime’, which she used for a great many of her entries.

© Karen Parnell Herrick

© Karen Parnell Herrick

One of Karen’s most popular entries from last year was her sight and sound essay entitled “Madam, Your Hat”. The idea began with four vintage hats and some jewelry and accessories that were her mother’s. She put the word out, and by the end of the project she had 61 hats along with dresses, furs, gloves and other vintage accessories. She spent hours taking pictures with a number of different volunteer models, then many more hours editing the pictures and assembling the sight and sound essay. Karen brought one of the more fantastic vintage hats to the club for people to see.

Karen’s presentation concluded with an explanation of her award-winning image “Oh, Those Eggheads”. It started with an Internet inspiration, and took her into uncharted territory in digital post-shot processing. While she admits that she may “never want to do that again”, the resulting image is emblematic of her desire to learn, and her determination to hone her craft.

John Burnett then gave a short talk about Inspiration and Influence. The presentation focused on some of the photographers and images that he “discovered” when he first started learning photography in the early 1970’s. Along with some brief background information about each photographer, John spoke about the qualities of the images that intrigued him, and what he learned from them.

The club also reviewed the results from its Still Life photo competition. Congratulations to Honour Award winners Darlene Awalt, Julie Naas, Richard Novossiltzeff, and Karen Parnell-Herrick.

News – January 20, 2016

24 01 2016

Eagle Watch Weekend in Sheffield Mills is on for 2 week ends starting on Jan. 30th, 31st and Feb. 6th and 7th, 2016.

Welcome to Eagle Watch 2016

Welcome to the 24th annual Sheffield Mills Eagle Watch in the beautiful Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia. Hundreds of Bald Eagles come to our area each year, and our community hosts this event to share these spectacular birds with anyone who is interested. You will improve your chance of a great viewing experience if you visit our designated viewing site in the morning. While you’re here be sure to visit our Community Centre for a delicious pancake and sausage breakfast, great music and Eagle related exhibits. Please see the links above for detailed information about this year’s event.

The dates for the 2016 Eagle Watch
January 30th & 31st
February 6th & 7th

Important Notes

  • During Eagle Watch the eagles are fed between 8:00am and 10:00am in the morning at the corner of Middle Dyke and Bains roads. A large pile of chicken is laid for them, however, please be advised that there is no “guarantee” the eagles will choose to feed at that time.
  • Eagles are in the area from late November until early March.
  • January and early February are the best months for viewing.
  • Please drive safely avoiding sudden un-signalled stops.
  • Highway shoulders are not as wide as they may appear. When ditches are filled with snow, leave at least half the width of your vehicle on the pavement.
  • The Eagles are most plentiful during mid to late morning.
  • Pick up a map indicating viewing sites.

Don’t forget to tour the upstairs where we have lots of Eagle memorabilia for sale. Some which include beautiful hand painted Eagle neck laces, beautifully framed 5 x 7 and 8 x 10 Eagle photos, Eagle bookmarks, and fridge magnets, Eagle books, key chains, also a room set aside to watch Eagle movies in comfort.

Also upstairs at the hall we have an annual display of Eagle photos, Paintings, Sculptures, etc. taken from various artists from surrounding areas which are also for sale.

So come on upstairs we’d love to see you

This field trip is a first come, first to get the best shots. No time is set to met up at the feeding station on the corner of Middle Dyke and Bains Road in Sheffield Mills as action of the eagles at the feeding stations
can occur at anytime of day. Their seems to be a pecking order of the birds at the feeding station. Crows, ravens, hawks, sea gulls seem to approach the dead chicks first and once all seems to be safe the eagles
will start to check out the site. Once a couple of eagles start to swoop down and get some chicks, a flurry of other eagles fly to the site and then its a free for all for about 10-15 mins. The best time for photographers.

A good plan would be to go straight to the feeding station and observe whats happening, get some good shots and when you are getting cold, go to the Community Hall in Sheffield for pancakes, coffee, tea, music,
photo display and art work upstairs.

Saturday, January 30th
Pancake & Sausage Breakfast
Child $4.00, Adult $7.00
Musical entertainment provided.
Community Hall, 98 Black Hole Road, Sheffield Mills.
8:00am – 1:00pm Information, Displays, Videos & Crafts
Community Hall, 98 Black Hole Road, Sheffield Mills

To get to the feeding station, take the Kentville, New Minas Exit off the highway 101. Continue straight through 2 sets of lights. You are now on Middle Dyke Road. Follow this right to the feeding station near Bains Rd.

Minutes – January 12, 2016

24 01 2016

Viki Gaul at the Bridgewater Photo Club

Tuesday, January 12, 2016 – The Bridgewater Photographic Society welcomed the new year with a presentation by Nova Scotia photographer Viki Gaul. Viki has the distinction of having won Photographer of the Year at the Photographic Guild of Nova Scotia (PGNS) for the last four consecutive years! She is also very active in the Photographic Society of America (PSA). She is the PSA club rep for the Photo Guild, and Membership Director for the Maritimes and Quebec. She has received the PSA’s APSA honour award for her contributions to that organization, as well as the PPSA proficiency distinction for her exhibition acceptances.

Despite her many accomplishments, Viki continues to be a warm and down-to-earth personality. She began by showing us a picture of her very first camera (a Kodak film camera, which she still owns) and some of the first pictures that she took with it. She learned “the technical craft” of photography with a manual film SLR, and finally turned to digital. While the digital world opened up new opportunities, she quickly discovered how valuable her experience with the film camera continued to be.

Viki’s presentation featured many of her award-winning photographs and other competition entries from the 2014-15 season. Her images span the gamut of competition categories including Nature, Pictorial, Portrait, Travel, Photojournalism and “Creative”. She also showed us her entries in the Silent Photo Essay competition – The Lawrencetown Wild ‘n’ Woolie Sheep Rodeo – and her Sight & Sound Essay on the Wharf Rat Rally in Digby.

Along the way, Viki gave our members a glimpse at some the post-shot processing that she used, as well as some practical advice on how to practice photographing birds in flight, or approach gnarly (or not-so-gnarly) “bikers” with a camera. She completed her presentation with a tutorial on how to produce fascinating pictorial “orbs” using Photoshop.

Dave Collins also showed images from the club’s field trip to Lunenburg’s Lighting of the Vessels, last November. The evening concluded with a show and discussion of the Bridgewater club’s 2016 Treasure Hunt competition categories. Members are invited to submit six photos from among the twelve assigned categories, in order to compete for this year’s trophy.

News – January 1, 2016

7 01 2016

All the best to you and yours for 2016! January will be a busy club month; let’s all hope for reasonable weather.

Saturday, Jan 2nd: The November field trip seems like a distant memory already. Have you sent in your pics? Please send your 1024×768 jpegs them to BPSEntries@gmail.com, with filenames of LunenburgFT1_FirstnameLastname, etc.

Saturday, Jan 9, 7pm: Deadline for digital entries for the Still Life competition. Please send one digital image to BPSEntries@gmail.com. Maximum size is 1024 pixels wide, and 768 pixels tall. Filename should be SL_Image Title_Firstname Lastname. The definition for Still Life is as follows:

A still life photo captures an inanimate subject or small grouping. A still life is typically a deliberate and artificial arrangement by the photographer, but it may also be an exploration of a “found” arrangement.

Composition, lighting background and photographic technique are key to a successful still life.

Tuesday, January 12 (Club Meeting): Photographer Viki Gaul, a multiple-time winner of Photographer of the Year at the Photo Guild of Nova Scotia, Viki will walk us through some of her award-winning images.

Saturday, January 16: Field Trip to Western Head and the Crosby Garden Centre (for the statues, not the flowers). Details to follow.

Saturday, January 23, 7pm: Deadline for the second part of the Still Life competition — prints. Please submit your (1) print title to KarenPHerrick@Hotmail.com. If you can, please attach a digital copy of the print with filename SLP_Print Title_Firstname Lastname.

Tuesday, January 26 (Club Meeting): Our OWN Photographer of the Year (2014-2015), Karen, is hard at work on her presentation. The Still Life prints will be judged and the digital image scores will be revealed.

Saturday, January 30: Deadline for images from the Jan. 16 Field trip to Western Head and Crosby Garden Centre. More details closer to the deadline.

SABLE ISLAND EXCURSION: Well I’ve got more information from Richard and Sara and Elizabeth K. It would seem that one needs very deep pockets, patience, time flexibility, and determination to even entertain the thought. Here’s a link to more info: Visiting Sable Island

John Burnett

Minutes – November 24, 2015

7 01 2016

Members’ Potpourri at the Bridgewater Photo Club

Tuesday, November 24, 2015 – Members from The Bridgewater Photographic Society presented a variety of photographic topics ranging from aerial to underwater photography at their meeting last Tuesday.

The evening began with live judging of the club’s Portrait and Monochrome print competitions, and a review of the previously-judged digital images from those categories. Congratulations to the following members, whose images earned honour awards: Don Barnes, Julie Naas and Karen Parnell-Herrick for Portrait Digital; Darlene Awalt, Dave Collins and Karen Parnell-Herrick for Portrait Print; Darlene Awalt, Julie Naas, Richard Novossiltzeff and Gary Smith for Monochrome Digital; Derek Johnston and Karen Parnell-Herrick for Monochrome Print.

The competitions were followed by a presentation and show from club Vice-President, Gary Smith, featuring images he took during a photography camp at Sherbrooke Village, on Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore. The four-day workshop, run by renowned Nova Scotia photographer Wally Hayes, offered plenty of instruction and critique, and Sherbrooke Village provided a wealth of interesting subjects, which were wonderfully showcased in Gary’s “sight and sound” photo essay.

Projectionist Dave Collins brought his decades of expertise in photographing auto races to the club via his presentation. Dave showed us the equipment he uses, and how he uses it, including important tips on correct shutter speed (not too fast!) and panning technique to get the most dynamic photos.

Richard Novossiltzeff then took the club to new heights with his presentation on aerial photography. A former pilot, Richard now combines his knowledge of flying with his photographic interest. He showed us images that he’s taken as a passenger in small and ultra-light airplanes, and gave us tips on when (and when not) to go, what camera equipment to bring, and how to use it in an aerial setting.

Gilbert van Ryckevorsel brought us from the wild blue yonder to the fascinating world of underwater photography. Gilbert has been photographing underwater for many years, and his images of the unique ecosystems of our local waterways are shared and admired world-wide. Gilbert also showed us the equipment he uses, and talked about the importance of preparation for diving, even in shallower water.

Minutes – November 10, 2015

7 01 2016

Up Close with the Bridgewater Photo Club

November 10, 2015. The Bridgewater Photo Club welcomed photographer Angela Creaser to give us a glimpse into the “world of the small” through Macro and Micro Photography. Angela is a fine art photographer and exhibiting member of the Viewpoint photographic gallery and cooperative in Halifax. She first became serious about photography during trip to Ireland in 2008. While she continues to enjoy landscape and architectural photography, her real passion is Macro and Micro photography – exploring subjects and details that are difficult or impossible to see without the aid of a magnified view.

Angela’s initial macro interests were flowers and insects. As her skills and technique developed, she explored a variety of subjects, often using a single point of focus and shallow depth of field. During the past few years, she has focused her attention on macro/micro photographs of marbles, and combining focus points to create interesting images. Angela’s presentation introduced us to her images, and also to the tools and techniques that she’s found useful when pursuing macro and micro photography. She showed how she employs the techniques of focus stacking and image stitching to achieve the effect she wants, sometimes combining more than a hundred individual photos to create a single, final image. She has a beautiful and impressive body of work with the marble photos; in 2013 her first solo photo show showcased these unique images.

Also during the meeting, projectionist Dave Collins ran a show featuring member’s images from the photo club’s last field trip (Crousetown Dam, Bell’s Island). The evening concluded with a presentation by John Burnett on purchasing a tripod – part of the club’s Ask and Answer series.

Minutes – October 28, 2015

7 01 2016

Southwest China Comes to the Bridgewater Photo Club

Tuesday, October 28, 2015 – The Bridgewater Photographic Society hosted photographer Yau Sun Tong for a visual excursion into some areas of China that few westerners get to see. Mr. Tong has traveled and photographed extensively throughout the world, but he is always drawn back to his birthplace and, in particular, the nature and culture found in the more remote areas. The aim of his photography is not simply to document, but to really capture the spirit of the places and cultures he visits, and to bring these experiences to Western audiences. His photos showed the unique attributes and beauty of the diverse landscapes in the southwest, and featured the many different peoples of the region, showing them in everyday life and also during celebrations and festivals. He explained some of the customs, symbols and dress of his subjects during the presentation, and spoke about how he photographs without intruding into people’s lives.

Mr. Tong arranges non-commercial, cultural/photographic excursions into these areas of China. For more information, visit his website: http://photoart.chebucto.org/photonews.html

The photo club also held its annual Floral image competition. Floral prints were judged live during the meeting, and the results of the digital images judging (which was done earlier) were revealed. The calibre of the entries was very high, and there were numerous honour awards. For the overall competition (3 digital images and 1 print), congratulations go to Gary Smith (3rd place), Karen Parnell Herrick (2nd place), and the winner of the competition, Julie Naas. One of Julie’s images earned special distinction when it achieved a perfect score (15/15).


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