News – Announcement for the Apr 23, 2019 Meeting

19 04 2019

Kas Portrait (KBG18111) B&W WEBOn April 23rd at 6:45 (doors open at 6:30 pm) the Bridgewater Photo Club is pleased to have Kas Stone as their guest speaker for the evening. The Photo Club meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays every month from September to May. Meetings are held at the MARC, 33 Leary Fraser Road. For more information on the guest speakers, field trips and photo contests visit the club’s website at or email us at Non- members are welcome to attend for a $5 fee.

Sight & Sound: How to Create an Effective AV Show
How many times have you sat through a photographic ‘slide show’, longing for it to end? Have you ever created a show yourself and perhaps been disappointed by the response from family and friends? Have you wondered what it takes to make a really good show – one that will leave your audience asking for more?

In this presentation, Kas Stone shares some helpful tips for selecting the photographs, music and other audio-visual ingredients that go into making an effective AV show, and techniques for putting them together for maximum impact. Common mistakes are discussed – and how to avoid them! – and examples from Kas’s collection are shared for illustration. The evening also includes a constructive critique of shows submitted by BPS members to this year’s Sight & Sound essay competition.

Kas Stone is a professional photographic artist based on Nova Scotia’s South Shore, where her work is inspired by the wild coastal scenery and moody weather right outside her door. Kas’s portfolio includes an extensive list of publications, exhibitions, workshops and awards, with recent feature articles in Canadian and British photo magazines, and projects promoting environmental and outdoor lifestyle themes. For more information on Kas and explore her work visit


Minutes – Apr 9, 2019 Meeting

11 04 2019

BPS Meeting Minutes
April 9, 2019

President Gary Smith opened the meeting with 31 people in attendance, including five (5) guests.

VP Charlene Morton talked about the field trip scheduled for Saturday April 13th (rain date Sun Apr 14 – watch your emails for any changes). 10:00am at the old satellite station in Charleston, with 1:00pm lunch at the River Bank Cafe. Wear sturdy shoes, as their is lots of broken glass and debris.

Yearbook Editor Sue Hutchins provided a sign up sheet for those interested in purchasing this year’s book. Price will be $40, or perhaps a bit less depending on the numbers ordered.

Gary had a few announcements:

1. Our year end banquet is set for Wednesday May 22nd at the Italy Cross Firehall. Everyone who won trophies last year is to bring them to our next meeting so they can be prepared for this year’s presentation at our wrap up dinner. The banquet is open to members and their guest. There will be a photo slide show after the dinner and details will be sent out by email.

2. Our exhibit has been installed at the Bridgewater Library and will be there until April 30th. We have received good feedback so far.

3. 50% of our members have completed surveys. Please complete a survey and give your ideas for next year’s program.

4. Marg Campbell and Sara Harley were selected to receive Volunteer Recognition from the Town of Bridgewater. He read their achievements:

Marg Campbell
Steadfast, committed and dependable are just a few words to describe Marg. Her participation on various committees also includes having served as Vice President and President. Currently she brings checks and balances as the Society’s Treasurer which she has been doing for the past 14 years.

As a 21 year member of the Photographic Society she has been active in the Executive for the past 20 of those years. Marg is a valued, long term volunteer with an outstanding record of commitment to ensuring the success of our Society.

Sara Harley
During her 10 years of membership in the Bridgewater Photographic Society Sara has made significant impact on a volunteer level. Her creativity and contributions have helped in the success of the Society as she has chaired various committees, managed Exhibitions and the Image Competitions process.

She created the first annual Society yearbook for the 2011-12 season using on demand printing. This practice has continued and has benefited members and their families by allowing them to obtain a book of memories from each season.

Over and above these activities she has been an active member of the Executive for 6 years serving as Vice President, President and Secretary. Through her published articles and online Blog she remains a continued advocate of the Bridgewater Photographic Society.

Our photo share “Let It Snow” slide show was shown.

Sherry Hudson introduced our guest speaker Kris Tynski ( . Kris’ lens captures the wildlife, seascapes, and landscapes of the Cape Breton, focusing on the eagles, fox, heron, and deer that inhabit the area. He has been published in Canadian Geographic, Wildlife Photography World Magazine, National Geographic Daily Dozen and is a weekly contributor to the Cape Breton Post. Kris first talked about how he got interested in photography and the equipment he uses. He photographs to print, not for computer images and he likes to incorporate the environment in his nature shots. He told us how he shoots, both in regards to his equipment and in finding his images. After our break, Kris showed us a variety of his favourite images, featuring nature and landscape photographs. Kris will be conducting a photography workshop in Cape Breton in the fall. For information, please contact him: or use the contact form on his website.

50/50 winner was Trevor Awalt.

Minutes prepared by Secretary Sara Harley

News – Announcement for the Apr 9, 2019 Meeting

6 04 2019

On April 9th at 6:45 (doors open at 6:30 pm) the Bridgewater Photo Club is pleased to have Kris Tynski from Tynski Photographic in Cape Breton as their guest speaker for the evening. The Photo Club meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays every month from September to May. Meetings are held at the MARC, 33 Leary Fraser Road. For more information on the guest speakers, field trips and photo contests visit the club’s website at or email us at Non- members are welcome to attend for a $5 fee.

Kris Tynski_CAH_7860_1Kris will be presenting a slideshow of his photographs with a brief story and discussion of settings used with each. He will talk about methods and techniques that he has learned that work for his photographic style. The talk will include a brief description of “what’s in the bag”; tripods, blinds and gear for nature/travel photography as it pertains to outdoor photography. He will cover both landscape photography as well as wildlife photography tips and techniques that discuss how to work with natural light. His will also cover his editing workflow, using Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop, on how to adjust color, white balance, sharpening, noise reduction and other basic adjustments. He would like to make it as interactive as possible, so lots of questions are welcome.

Kris Tynski_capeclear

Kris is passionate about capturing all things in nature, be it on Cape Breton Island or wherever his travels may take him. Through the lens of his camera he aims to exploit the beauty in every season, keeping the human element minimal and hopefully taking the viewer along with him on his photographic journey.

Kris Tynski_DSC00647

Kris Tynski_DSC03328

Kris was born and raised in Cape Breton, where he developed a strong admiration for the outdoors. “I have had a connection with the great outdoors since a very young age, hunting, fishing, and foraging for wild mushrooms in the forests and meadows around my home. Our Island, Cape Breton, offers some of the best photographic opportunities in the world. Surrounded by rugged coastline, rolling hills, mountains, and the inland sea – the Bras d’Or Lake – we are fortunate to have an abundance of wildlife to experience encounters in the four very distinct seasons.”

His lens captures the wildlife, seascapes, and landscapes of the Island, focusing on the eagles, fox, heron, and deer that inhabit Cape Breton. He has been published in Canadian Geographic, Wildlife Photography World Magazine, National Geographic Daily Dozen and is a weekly contributor to the Cape Breton Post. To learn more about Kris and to see his images visit his website at

Minutes – Mar 26, 2019 Meeting

6 04 2019

BPS Meeting Minutes
March 26, 2019

President Gary Smith opened the meeting at 6:45 with approximately 26 members present. A few announcements were made:

VP Charlene Morton discussed the upcoming field trip on April 13, which was originally planned for visiting local waterfalls. New plans are being tentatively made for visiting the abandoned satellite station in Charleston with lunch at the Riverbank Cafe. Another alternative was also suggested, however members thought it might be more appropriate for a fall outing due to spring road conditions. Details will be firmed up and communicated to club members.
Deadlines for upcoming photo submissions:
March 30 – Photo Share “Let it Snow”
April 13 – Joan McCullough Memorial Smile Award
Check your emails for details.

Kathryn Price gave us a reminder that our framed photos for the exhibit at the Bridgewater Library are to be dropped off on Monday April 1st at 10:00am. Help would be appreciated to hang the exhibit.

Trevor Awalt asked past trophy winners to bring their trophies to the next club meeting so they can be prepared for this year’s winners. He announced the results from recent competitions:
New Member Competition:
1st – Jock Martin (63.5)
2nd – Douglas Langley (58)
3rd – Don Gorby (52)

Sight & Sound Essay Competition:
1st – Creative Possibilities by Sue Hutchins (253/300)
2nd – Winter in Cottage Country by Linda Hall (238/300)
3rd – Antarctica by Anna Mallin (237/300)

A slide show of the entries for the New Member competition was shown. The Sight & Sounds essays will be shown at a future meeting as part of Kas Stone’s presentation on Effective AV Shows.

Gary Smith gave a short presentation on Photo Books. Samples of photo books from PhotoBook Canada and Blurb Books were set out for club members to view at break. Jock Martin mentioned that Pikto Books is a Canadian company that publishes books.

Jock Martin gave a presentation on printing and demonstrated how he prepares an image for printing. He gave some tips about how to work on image files, and had some printed images on display.

Photo slide shows from two recent field trips were shown – NSCC Kitchen and Cosby Gardens.

Surveys were handed out to club members. All members are encouraged to complete a survey (hard copy or email) in order to help planning for next year’s program.

50/50 winner was Jock Martin, who donated the winnings back to the club.

After the break, Gary Smith discussed the club’s structure and explained the set up of our executive, committees, and volunteer positions. A few people have indicated they are willing to fill roles for the 2019/20 club year:
Competition Committee Co-Chairs: Linda Hall and Tammy Mercer
Exhibit Committee Chair: Jock Martin
Yearbook: Sue Hutchins
Webmaster: Trevor Awalt
Projectionist: Mary Ann Massey
President: Charlene Morton
Past President: Gary Smith
Treasurer: Marg Campbell
Secretary: Sara Harley

Key roles to be filled: Vice President and Program Director, both executive positions. If you are willing to put your name forward for any positions or committees, please email the BPS Executive asap.

Dave Collins presented a slide show “Across Canada 2018”, showing images he captured on a cross country tour over 3 months and 22,000 kilometres.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:05pm.
Minutes by Secretary Sara Harley

Minutes – March 12, 2019 Meeting

15 03 2019

BPS Meeting Minutes
March 12, 2019

President Gary Smith opened the meeting at 6:45 with approximately 33 people in attendance, including 3 visitors. Several announcements were made:

VP Charlene Morton announced that the field trip scheduled for Saturday March 16th may be changed to the following day due to the projected weather forecast of rain. A show of hands revealed that most participants will be able to switch dates.

Tammy Mercer talked about upcoming events at the South Shore Public Libraries. March 28 @ 6pm is a showing of Nunavut Territory turns 20. April 1st @ 2pm Peter Barss will be discussing his images of Iceland. A full schedule is available on their website:

Yearbook Editor Sue Hutchins asked everyone to send in their information for their personal yearbook page. Please send a brief bio (written in 3rd person), a photo of yourself, and up to 4 images. Each interested member has the opportunity for their own page in the yearbook and all members are encouraged to participate.

Members were reminded of upcoming due dates: March 16th is the due date for the Sight & Sound and New Member competitions. Photo Share “Let it Snow” images are due by the end of the month.

Sara Harley introduced our speaker for the evening, Carl Snyder. Carl’s presentation was Panoramic Photography. He talked about his own background and mentioned that he always takes a photograph with the making of a print in mind. He encouraged us to think about this and get our images off our computers. Carl discussed the history of panoramic art and photography and then described his own journey with panoramic photography, including the challenges of both creating the images as well as printing and exhibiting them. Carl’s bio is available on the Visual Arts Nova Scotia website:

After our break, VP Charlene Morton introduced the possibility of a new location for our club. Several venues were considered, and the possibilities have been narrowed down to 3 locations: MARC (our current location), Bridgewater Curling Club, and the Mahone Bay Centre. Members will be asked to indicate their preference on our annual survey. Here is a breakdown of the pros/cons of each location:

M.A.R.C. (current venue) – Pros: Just outside Bridgewater, known to members, good parking, washrooms in room, reasonably priced ($17 per hour), room is set up for us. Cons: small when we have a larger audience or workshops, poles obstruct view, can be noisy depending on occupants of upstairs location, storage no longer available.

Bridgewater Curling Club – Pros: In Bridgewater, much bigger room than MARC, slightly more comfortable chairs, washroom and kitchen facilities handy. Cons: no screen, run power from kitchen, window blinds not the best, some reports room can be cold, more expensive than MARC ($25 per hour). Unknowns: parking when rink is busy, unknown if there is storage available, may have to set up room ourselves.

Mahone Bay Centre – Pros: Much bigger room than MARC, more comfortable chairs, large screen, good blackout blinds. Cons: not in Bridgewater, need direction signs in building, washrooms and kitchen not close by, no storage. Unknowns: parking is ok unless another major event is being held, cost has not yet been determined (full cost $40 per hour), may have to set up room ourselves.

Trevor Awalt recommended that we research whether or not WiFi is available at the alternate venues, as this would increase our programming abilities.

President Gary Smith made a presentation on “Playing with your Textures”. He started playing with textures when our competition committee introduced the new rule that all images in competitions had to be our own creation (including textures). Gary frequently photographs things like sand, rocks, tree bark, etc to create his own textures. He showed several examples of images that he wanted to improve by using background textures to isolate his subject and/or replace cluttered backgrounds.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:10 pm.
Minutes by Secretary Sara Harley

News – Announcement for the Mar 12, 2019 Meeting

11 03 2019

On March 12th at 6:45 (doors open at 6:30 pm) the Bridgewater Photo Club is pleased to have Carl Snyder as their guest speaker for the evening. The Photo Club meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays every month from September to May. Meetings are held at the MARC, 33 Leary Fraser Road. For more information on the guest speakers, field trips and photo contests visit the club’s website at or email us at Non- members are
welcome to attend for a $5 fee.

Carl has been involved with photography most of his life and began working professionally in Montreal just after completing a B.A. and M.L.S. at McGill. After 20 years of commercial work in Montreal and Toronto, he decided to slow the pace to occasional freelance work for a small local graphics house north of Toronto. This allowed for involvement in the local arts community and the development of his nature/landscape work which regards the near abstraction of form (geometry) and color we encounter every day. A move to Nova Scotia in the fall of 2011 gave him the opportunity to become involved with other artists, communities and landscapes. He is currently a member of the ViewPoint Gallery Photographic Art Co-Operative.

Previous exhibits of Carl’s work include: Acadia Art Gallery Annual Show 2012 – 2019, Altpick Awards 2009, Art Aurora 2009, CONTACT (Toronto) 2011, Copperfox Gallery 2012, Elora Artcetera 2010, 2011, Newmarket Celebrates the Arts 2010, 2011, Newmarket Studio Tour 2009, 2010, 2011, Newmarket Town Offices 2010, Oceanside Gallery 2012, 2013, Ontario Artists Arts Festival 2010. ViewPoint Gallery, solo shows (2013, 2018), several group shows (2013 – 2017). He was also a Director with the Newmarket Group of Artists in 2010 and on the Board of the Directors for VANS from 2015 to 2017.

Carl’s talk will focus on the history and aesthetic appeal of panorama photography. Included will be a biographic introduction to his photographic practice, how the move from film to digital enabled the creation of large panorama prints and a discussion of the techniques used.

Minutes – Feb 26, 2019 Meeting

11 03 2019

BPS Meeting Minutes
February 26, 2019

President Gary Smith opened the meeting with a few announcements:
1. Deadlines: field trip photos from NSCC are due on Sat March 2nd, entries for the New Members and Sight & Sound essay competitions (our final competitions for the year) are due by March 16.

2. A thank you gift was presented to the MARC caretaker, Carl. Carl goes above and beyond his required duties working in the background to help ensure our meetings are a success.

3. The DesBrisay Museum will be holding an Engage & Explore Series, one hour presentations every Saturday to encourage community involvement. President Gary Smith and VP Charlene Morton will be making a presentation about our photo club at one of the sessions.

An Extraordinary Meeting of the Bridgewater Photographic Society was officially called to order at 6:55pm to review an amendment of our club by-laws. The club previously had one document that contained the By-Laws and Regulations. The document has been revised and split out into three documents: By-Laws, Regulation, and Volunteer Guidelines. Gary reviewed the changing to our By-Laws, which are now contained in document BPS-01 Rev 00 – 1 Mar 2019. A motion to accept the By-Laws BPS-01 as presented was made by Linda Hall and seconded by Anna Mallin. Motion passed.

Kathryn Price reviewed last year’s financial statements and provided recommendations for a few changes. She will be auditing this year’s financial statements as well.

Motion to adjourn the Extraordinary Meeting was made by Beverley Richardson and seconded by John Burnett. Meeting adjourned.

Our regular meeting continued with Competition Committee Chair Trevor Awalt presenting the results from recent competitions. The Creative competition had 14 images (7 participants). Top marks, and two honour awards, were awarded to Sue Hutchins.

The Macro/Close Up competition had 12 images (6 participants). Top marks went to Linda Hall with two honour awards. Sue Hutchins also received two honour awards, and one honour award went to Anna Mallin.

There were four entries in our Silent Essay competition. This is the first year that the Silent Essays were judged online, which allowed the judges time to provide comments on all the sections used for scoring the essays. The winner of the Silent Essay Trophy is Sue Hutchins for her essay “The Ghats Varanasi India”.

Slide shows were shown with all the entries from the Creative and Macro competitions, and the four Silent Essays were also shown.

Anna Mallin introduced the field trip slide show from the club outing to the Sailloft on Second Peninsula. VP Charlene Morton suggested that the Sailloft would love to have some of the images and encouraged field trip participants to email them to the Sailloft.

A Photo Share slide show of Contemplative images was viewed.

Sue Hutchins requested that members send their yearbook information to her (brief bio written in 3rd person, and up to 4 images).

Linda Hall discussed the next field trip, which will be held on March 16th and will start at Cosby’s in Liverpool. Full details will be sent out by email.

After our break, Beverley Richardson made a presentation on editing for phone photography. She first reviewed the features on an iphone camera, and then reviewed two editing programs that are available for all phones, Snapseed (free) and Re-Touch (very low cost).

The meeting was adjourned at 9:10pm.

Minutes by Sara Harley